STEALTH audio cables

New Generation

STEALTH doesn't offer a single top of the line analog interconnect model. We offer three top of the line analog interconnects - which share our most advanced geometry and construction, multi-layer non-resonant matrix - but make use of different conductive materials (gold, silver and a special 50% gold 50% silver alloy, or by name: M-21, PGS-3D, and GS 50-50) and therefore offer the possibility to "fine tune" a system to a particular taste by choosing the most appropriate "material sonic signature" (gold, silver and alloy sound different in the same geometry) - while having he same level of overall resolution and macro- and micro detail (which are the function of the cable design: geometry, dielectric type, etc. - not the material used);

All three "New Generation" interconnect cables are very difficult and expensive to make, and there is no way to manufacture them in the "bulk wire" form to make the production cheaper. All these 17 layers of conductors and insulation are made by hand by our highly trained technicians.

STEALTH “new Generation” geometry

M-21 (pure silver), PGS-3D (pure gold) and GS-50-50 (silver-gold alloy) have the same geometry - multi-layer non-resonant matrix. In short, its principle is as follows: all cables in existence have resonances, and these resonances are geometry-dependent. Resonances are bad for the sound - because these resonances are the main cause of sound coloration. In the "New Generation" cables, instead of one main resonance, these cables have 20 much smaller resonances, and therefore the resonance peaks are not pronounced - or at least exist at minus 25 dBs level compare to the conventional cables. Plus cryogenic treatment makes a difference (overall transparency);

Our best Hybrid MLT loudspeaker cables share the same "non-resonant" approach, but on a larger scale since the loudspeaker cables are thicker, have more individually insulated strands; in addition, gold-over-air, silver-over gold, and copper-over-silver construction creates "progression" exactly the opposite to the skin effect in the entire cable.