STEALTH audio cables
STEALTH Sound Technology Enabling Audibly Lucid Transcomponent Harmony


Dave Smith

I received the 2m 'Indra' today and installed it between my preamp and amp. Right out of the box it amazes me how much better everything sounds. In my 15+ years in high-end audio, whatever that is, I have never heard an interconnect that begins to reward the listener with as natural/neutral a sound as the 'Indra' does. Music just sounds 'RIGHT'. Having had numerous very good interconnects in my system, among them XLO limited edition, Valhalla, HMS, AU24 and most recently Concierto 'Violin', which was by far the best I had heard to date, it is amazing how much more 'RIGHT' the Indra sounds in my system.


My system consists of:


  • Goldmund Mimesis 29m amp

  • Audio Tekne 'Simona' preamp

  • Piega p-10 speakers

  • Sony scd-1

  • Concierto 'Violin speaker cables

  • Concierto 'Violin' power cords x 2

  • David Elrod 'Statement 1' power cord

  • Alan Kafton's 'powerwing' conditioner

  • Echo busters x 2

  • and a dedicated 20amp circuit


The first thing I noticed when installing the first 'Indra', between my scd-1 and preamp, was a much clearer sound with the ability to understand words in the music that was heretofore unintelligible. Transients were quicker and more forceful with an almost lifelike rendering of each type of drum or triangle or wood block. The music was even more magical then what I had experienced with the 'Violin' i/cs, which I thought could not be bettered. The instrumental tonality was, as the British put it, spot on. The instrumental layering that I thought the 'violins' did so well, better then any before them, was bettered by the 'Indra'. Imaging and soundstaging was also better. I knew then that what Norm and Bill had told me about the 'Indra' was no lie. They too had tried many other i/cs, some much more expensive then those I have had in my system and had come to the same conclusion. Even my wife, who is not into the music as much as I am, noticed a significant improvement in the sound after the addition of the first cable.'s early in the 2m ‘Indras' history with my system, but even at the outset it is apparent that with the addition of the 2nd 'Indra' the sound has, once again, been significantly improved......more later..........Thanks. Dave