STEALTH audio cables
STEALTH Sound Technology Enabling Audibly Lucid Transcomponent Harmony

Jeff Catalano

I have been moving things in and out recently, therefore all my comments on the Indra are based on the fore mentioned. The sonic signature, no matter where I have placed the Indra, is the same, They are incredibly fast and revealing is my initial impression. This makes for an engaging and exciting listening experience. They also are somewhat light in weight and a bit on the brighter side. This is by no means a negative, just purely an observation. I am sure when they totally acclimate to the system this would be less obvious. The other issue is that all the wire in the reference system is the same. When introducing a different cable, it really sticks out like a sore thumb. This usually proves a negative, not so with the Indra. I had much more positives than negatives. I am one of those people who do not believe in mixing and matching cables. I think it is important that if a system is to sing with one voice, the cables should be from the same family. I think Jules nailed the Indra. It is a very special cable. I hope you don't take offense to this but I think the Indra is the state of the art Nordost that Nordost wishes they could make…

 The STEALTH power cords are all excellent. For digital, I am using the Cloude 9 on the transport, 2-M7+ balanced power cords for the DAC. These are all connected to a Quantum 800 conditioner which daisy chains by a beta M5000 to a digital outlet on the Sound Application Reference Line Stage. This in turn, is powered by another M5000 to a 20 amp dedicated line. I can't stress enough the musicality which is brought to my digital due in great part to these remarkable power cords. Along with my reference Varidig and now, beta Varidig Sextet, I have never enjoyed digital so much. Thank You !!!!!!!!

Another interesting note, It seems every time I go to Marshall Nacks' for a listen and no matter whatever expensive interconnects he is using, Marshall's reference Stealth 50/50 interconnects always hold their own. That said, they also seem to be the ones that I usually prefer. The 50/50s will be next for High Water Sound, very impressive. Jeff

High Water Sound's Reference System:

  • Horning Hybrid Alkibiades or Agathon Ultimate
  • Audio Note Kondo Ongaku Neiro Amp
  • Audio Note Kondo Ongaku M 77 pre amp w/ phono
  • Audio Note Kondo SFZ Step Up Transformer
  • Audio Note Kondo IO-J Cartridge
  • Simon Yorke S-7
  • 47 Labs Flat Fish
  • 47 Labs Gemini Dac
  • Ceres Electronique Elysa Mini DAC
  • Audio Note Kondo SPZ KSL speaker cable,
  • Audio Note Japan KSL interconnects,
  • Stealth Varidig, Varidig Sextet (beta) digital cables
  • Power Cords:
    Stealth M7+ "balanced" (beta)
    Stealth Cloude Nine
    Stealth M5000 (beta)
    Elrod EPS 2 Sig.,
    Harmonix XDC Studio Master,
    Quantum RT 800 (digital)
  • Sound Application Reference Line Stage,
  • Vibraplanes,  ER Audio Space Harmonizers,  Various Shun Mook, Various Harmonix, Shakti Stones and Resonators, Echo Buster Panels,
  • The room is 30' L. x16-22 W.' x12' H. minimal room treatments, wood and brick surfaces

High Water Sound

274 Water St.

STE 2F, NYC, NY 10038

(212) 608-8841 Tel.

(212) 571-5809 Fax