STEALTH audio cables
STEALTH Sound Technology Enabling Audibly Lucid Transcomponent Harmony

James Meine (Epic Audio) 

More listening to the beta pair, further thoughts.  The tonal quality of the Indra is very good,  the "black" background is exceptional.  The Nordost Valhalla seems to better in the focus and specificity of the image.  I attribute this to the Cardas RCA's, which MUST go away.  The solo instruments/voices sometimes seem to be in the middle of the orchestra rather than in front.  The instruments seem to "blend" together rather than be separated by space.  

These are observations by using the Indra as a phono cable on my Rockport turntable/Lyra Titan Cartridge combination.  When using the Indra on my DAC it gives the system a "tube like" quality.

  I continued using the Beta Indra Cable while the "real" Indra was breaking-in.  When I put the Indra in the system, all the concerns I had about the Beta Cable went away.  It is absolutely WONDERFUL.  I have been "loaning out" the Beta Indra.  I definitely did no want to remove the "real" Indra from my reference system.  The potential customers that have tried the Beta Cable have had only the highest praise for the cable (except for the price).  Unfortunately, $5750 for a 1 meter pair is a little too steep for many customers... Best wishes and good listening.  Jim