STEALTH audio cables
STEALTH Sound Technology Enabling Audibly Lucid Transcomponent Harmony


Jonathan Spratt

Congratulations on your (obviously) world class cables.

Your Indra XLRs & GS50-50 XLRs have been burning in now for 24hrs: I am stunned at how natural, dynamic and cohesive my all-Gryphon/Proac system sounds. This is the Gryphon-Proac sound virtually unhindered by IC colouration, resonance & compression - extremely natural.

I have many (very sonically familiar) remastered late 60s & 70s classic rock/solo female vocal CDs and am amazed at the revelation of detail & soundstage information in these recordings - mastertape noise just recedes well back into the soundstage & becomes a minor issue now despite the hyper revealing nature of your cables and my equipment. I am quite upset at the many years I have been in this hobby without realizing how vital ICs are in the overall presentation of music - I'm sure many audiophiles spending $$$/ on 'big brand' audiophile cables will be devastated if they were to audition the Indra. Perhaps the greatest revelation so far is the soundstage which seems like a scene from one of those 3D children's books that open up into paper houses and people, fully open in all its glory, which I have never fully opened before: vocals & instruments are all so clearly layered and mixed together in very artistic ways as separate yet intimately bonded space. I can see how talented mixing engineers do their job for the first time - I've been in the hi-end hobby for 10 years! 
All these comments are resulting from 24hrs of burn in compared to fully run-in Audioquest Amazon (replaced by GS50-50) & Cardas golden reference (replaced by Indra)!! And only with simple CD playback. Jonathan, Durham, England