STEALTH audio cables
STEALTH Sound Technology Enabling Audibly Lucid Transcomponent Harmony


Jon Bloom

The Indra cables are incredible.

At first, they were very bright and "tinny" and I got a little nervous. Cymbals did not sound realistic and voice was a little harsh. It was very noticeable and discomforting after truly listening and enjoying the PGS XL. It took about one month of moderate listening, but the cable signature and my speakers have completely disappeared from the sound stage. The sound stage has improved in detail and sound/instrument placement. I seem to get a wider sphere of sound stage than previously with the PGS XL. I have to admit that I really did love the XL. The XL are a bit "warmer" not bright; which I truly liked. The Indra allow for a more accurate and emotional sound experience. The are transparent in my system. I hear every sound and every detail. I have a song with a very, very deep male voice that did not sound real good prior to the Indra in my system; I used to always pass over the track. I listened to it after the Indra were installed and I found his voice is very, !very deep, rich, rolling smooth. It's like a new dimension was unlocked and wow, it's incredible. Jon