STEALTH audio cables
STEALTH Sound Technology Enabling Audibly Lucid Transcomponent Harmony

Norm Luttbeg

2004. I think both of my (beta) Indra are well broken in now. I am really struck by the realism I am getting. It is hard for me to characterize what precisely I am hearing. They certainly seem to disappear or add nothing of their own, but it is more than that. They certainly are excellent full range, but again it is more than that. They have that extra detail, fidelity, and timbre that is convincing. I found the beta far superior to the RS Audio Palladiums I had on the phono. It had better soundstage and greater detail as well as a more balanced frequency response. Then I put the production Indra on. The bass is far superior as well as is the soundstaging. It is the realism that is so impressive. I have the new H-Cat phono which I had already judged to be superior to anything I have heard. Now, however, it is phenomenal. It almost makes me emotional to hear the realism.

2002. Although I have tried more expensive cables, I have never been able to afford this long pair, but nevertheless the PGS have shown the qualities of the Siltech G5s and HMS Grand Finale used before them. Also I tried Jena Labs and Pure Note 4 m. pairs and found the PGS superior.