STEALTH audio cables
STEALTH Sound Technology Enabling Audibly Lucid Transcomponent Harmony


Steve Rouse

I have been waiting to try the Indra in a new system that I am setting up but I will give you this feedback. 

My reference system consists of:

  • Walker Proscenium Gold turntable (with the Kondo IOJ cartridge)
  • Harmonix Reimyo CDP
  • Exemplar 2900 SACD player (Denon)
  • Kondo M100 preamp
  • Kondo Kegon M 300B monoblocks
  • Acapella La Campanella speakers
  • STEALTH Indra, Kondo KSL and Acapella cables
    I have used the best cables in this system from several large and small cable manufacturers from all over the world. I have heard very few systems that can match mine with respect to resolution and musicality a balance that is very hard to achieve. I can tell you that I did not really hear this system until I used the Indra. It has the uncanny ability to separate congestion in complicated musical passages and yet all the subtle nuances are preserved. It has the rich tonal qualities that I crave and can be very dynamic when the music demands it. It has the speed of the Nordost, the quiet background of the Siltech, and the overall balance of the Kondo KSL. This cable is a real breakthrough. Steve